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PostSubject: Rules   Thu 13 Jul - 22:03

Rules for Graphics
- All topics in this forum should contain a graphic creation/request.
- If you take a creation from here and post it elsewhere, please credit the member who originally posted it. Some members spend a lot of time creating these things and it only takes a few seconds to say “Thanks member x”.
Rules for Photos Downloads ect
-Do not post porn photo's or stuff like that!!! If you're not sure if you can post it, you can always ask one of the moderators or admin's.
Rules for other footballers
-All topics in here should be related to other football clubs
-The topics should not be about: FC Porto , Ricardo Quaresma, Portugal or the World Cup. Those topics already have their own forums.

Other rules
- Do not Spam!!!
- Please read the forum carefully before starting a new topic.
- Do not start a topic if there's already one about the same thing.
- Do not use offensive language towards your fellow members.

I hope you boys and girls have a lot of fun...

Bella & Joyz


Un Beso significa, amistad sexo y amor
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